Online Bridging Course

Online bridging course was offered to the freshmen before the commencement of their first semester so as to strengthen their mathematical and statistical skills. Below are some selected topics we may go through in the course.

Topic 1.1: Real Number System

This video teaches about the different classification of numbers, which include natural number, integers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, and real numbers.

Topic 1.2: Domain and Range

What is domain? What is the range of a function? This video demonstrate the concept of domain and range with two simple examples.

Topic 2: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

This video graph up a classic exponential function and a related logarithmic function and see how the two are related visually. You can also explore more logarithms in part 1, part 2, and part 3. Now that we know what they are, you can take a look at here to solve exponential and logarithmic equations.

Topic 3.1: Polynomials

Basic idea of polynomials are introduced and it is also helpful to visualize the functions and higher-degree polynomials.

Topic 3.2: Quadratic Equations

Why do we care about learning quadratic equations? You can review on how to solve the quadratic equation by factor method, quadratic formula, and completing square.

Topic 4.1: Limit

Learn the limit notation and the concept of the limit. You can also find the limit at a finite value and the limit at infinity.

Topic 4.2: Differentiation and Derivative

This video introduces the concept behind differentiation and derivatives. More advance calculation will be introduced in other courses.

Topic 5: Basic Statistics

Understand and learn how to calculate the mode, median, mean, range, and standard deviation. Why we care about mean and standard deviation?


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