Internship Programme

The BSC-AIN and BSC-DSBI internship programme has been launched to provide students opportunities to practice what they have learnt and to become professionally competent. Through the internship experiences, students would be able to enhance their language, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills and abilities.

Academic Year 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
No. of Internship Offers 22 58 56 55 48 83
No. of Total Students 70 110 132 168 195 273

Highlighted Student Feedback


In this internship, my responsibility is to build dashboard for business usage, assist in data science project, suggest solutions and enhance the development of Big data platform. I worked in various project in the Big Data Team, from dashboard building, web scrapping, doing data research to select data source for the platform, building recommendation system for customer. During the process, I learn a lot though cooperation and guidance from my colleagues for example the process of project management the coding style for effective team cooperation, how to deal with huge volume of data, build up a efficient development platform, version control and how to cope with different programming language. It is a fruitful experience to me and I would keep on learning from my colleagues in my extended part-time intern period.


The working experience through this programme has helped me a lot because of these reasons: First, from this programme, I can have the opportunity to understand the job duties of a statistician and a statistical assistant / statistical officer by listening to the experience from the colleagues. In addition, the colleagues have talked about the career path of this job, so I can know more about the development and thus to decide which path is better according to my own personality. Second, the supervisors have taught us some useful ideas that have not been taught in lessons, for example, do not just focus on the data but try to understand what those data really mean and how to analyze them; there may be no best option to analyze the data in reality as the data may be affected by many different variables which makes it hard to draw conclusion. Third, we are taught that we need to find out the main topic we want to deliver from the data we collect but not just type all data / information for the audience, which is different from school as in school the topics are usually set by teachers. I think it is very important for future career.


Tertiary market operation team focus on corporate action on stock market, such as calculating dividend and communicating with customer. The greatest challenge of my position is to ensure the accuracy of the output remain high. Error is not allowed, especially in banking industry, as the whole team will be affected by one’s effort. To be responsible, doing process review on my work and double or even triple checking my working is necessary.

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