Programme Information

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Actuarial Studies and Insurance programme (the Programme) integrates actuarial knowledge with business and insurance education. Aiming to nurture future leaders in the fast-changing business world, our Programme equips students with the essential actuarial skills including data analytics, investment and financial analysis. Our highly competitive graduates provide expert recommendations in a vast array of disciplines such as risk management, insurance and consulting.

Programme Objectives (POs)

The Programme Objectives (POs) are to:

  • develop students’ critical thinking, analytical ability and problem-solving skills, especially in a business environment;
  • cultivate students’ interpersonal skills to communicate with business partners as well as to take a leadership role in a team;
  • instil in students a strong sense of social responsibility and professionalism, and high level of commitment to business ethics;
  • enhance students’ awareness and sensitivity to the global environment and local circumstances;
  • equip students with professional knowledge in insurance industry such as product design and management;
  • provide students with foundation of the conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge in actuarial studies, supplemented with business administration skills; and
  • develop students’ ability to make informed recommendations and decisions in a business context.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to:

  • address professional challenges in a business environment through the application of inter-disciplinary and multi- disciplinary knowledge acquired;
  • possess effective communication skills in a business environment and demonstrate leadership characteristics;
  • evaluate own contributions and responsibilities to the society, profession and business partners;
  • demonstrate the ability to analyse cultural, social, political, and economic issues from local and global perspectives;
  • understand the roles of insurance professionals and the characteristics of different insurance products;
  • possess the conceptual and practical knowledge and skills in actuarial studies as well as in business administration; and
  • apply the knowledge of insurance industry and financial concepts for solving problems.


Our Programme is devoted to the advancement of teaching and research in actuarial studies and insurance.


To provide quality education and promote high-calibre research in the area of actuarial studies and insurance. We offer a comprehensive education to equip our students with contemporary knowledge and practical skills, and to instil in students a strong sense of social responsibility and professionalism. We are committed to innovative research with contribution to the society.

Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) Qualifications Register

Qualification Framework: Level 5
Registration No.: 18/000848/L5
Validity Period: 08/11/2018 To 31/08/2022
Primary Area of Study / Training: Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics
Other Area of Study / Training: Business & Management, Insurance


Minimum Admission Requirements

Please visit Registry for admission details.

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