Internship Opportunities

List of company / institution offering internship:

  • Hang Seng Bank
  • Bank of China (Hong Kong)
  • Census and Statistics Department
  • Pacific BMW (USA)
  • DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
  • A.S. Watson Group
  • HSBC
  • Ernst & Young
  • QBE Insurance Group Limited
  • Lively Impact Technology Limited
  • Regal Hotels International
  • Hong Kong Television Network Limited
Internship_Census and Statistics Department
Mak Sai Ho

Students’ Sharing



PONG Pak Ming Ming

This internship gives me a chance to be more familiar with the excel functions. By using different kinds of formulas in excel, I work more quickly and efficiently. I hope that I can keep improving my excel skills. It is very useful for my future career.

Kong Man Chung


―― Year 1, 江敏聰

EY_LI Siu Ho

I participated in IT audit engagements of various aspects such as IT general control review and Journal Entries testing, IT advisory engagement, cyber security and doing research.

MUNG Yuk Frederick

Working in the Census and Statistics Department as a summer student was a valuable opportunity to me. It was an experience for me learning how to do a research by breaking down and familiarize the trade system and to spot out the errors.

CHAN Yiu Man

During the internship, I have experienced the things that I have never experienced before, like how to work and live in a society. I learnt how to work according to priority, urgency and importance.

LEE Ho Yeung

Throughout the internship, my job responsibility was to handle clients’ enquires regarding the company law issue and to computerise the storage record in a centralised database. Besides, I have to design a clear and understandable database format and interface.

QBE_NG Chun Wah 2


IP King Wai

During the internship, I feel satisfied at work as I can understand the operation and the business model about Fintech company. Besides, I can assist the senior staffs to do the market researches and learn to use different type of software. That is a great improvement for me in problem solving and self-learning.

NG Kwan Yeung

I thoroughly enjoyed my 1 year internship and now have very valuable experience under my belt. Internship gave me an opportunity for hands-on experience which allowed me to apply what I have learnt in college for a real world situation. For instance, different machine learning methods were used to build models in order to target customers for cross-selling. Furthermore, I learnt lots of terms and knowledge related the banking industry. It is extremely important for my future career goal as being a good data analyst or scientist needs to be well-equipped with analytics skills and domain knowledge of the industry. I would highly recommend students to apply this internship.

Pak Yin Patrick CHEUNG

I can apply the analytical techniques learnt from courses to contribute to the company. Using the data visualization skills acquires from study to analyse the situation of inventory and performance of sales is my daily routine. I feel blessed to utilize what I have learnt in my job.

CHAN Wing Yu

It is interesting to work there. I have assigned to cooperate with the development team, to assist in building up a chatbot for our clients. The process is fun, as I need to consider the requirements and design the dialog flow of the chatbot. This experience really inspires me to work in an IT company.



―― Year 3, 陳曉彤


Throughout the internship, I got a higher ability with arrangement, communication and work with a team. Also, I learnt more about the insurance product and this industry.

Lau Chun Shing_Mak Sai Ho_Lai Dick Kei

During the internship in the Census and Statistics Department, I have learnt coding the questionnaires and resolving problem caused by mistyping. Besides, I also learnt inter-person skills, such as how to communicate with supervisor, understanding orders and communicate with colleagues.

LEUNG Wing Yan

Being a summer assistant in DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited has given me a wonderful chance to widen my exposure to gain hands-on work experience. The scope of my duties encompassed handling data entry and helping in opening business accounts for corporations. Also, the work helped me to become a more self-motivated and detail-oriented person who can finish the job well by myself or with others. I really enjoyed the time in DBS Bank.

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