Alumni Sharing – Mr Wong Ho Laam

During this internship, my responsibility was to build a dashboard for business usage, assist in data science project, suggest solutions and enhance the development of Big data platform. I worked in various project in the Big Data Team, from dashboard building ,web scrapping, doing data research to select data source for the platform, building recommendation system for customer. During the process, I learnt a lot through cooperation and guidance from my colleagues, such as learning the process of project management and the coding style for effective team cooperation. I also learnt how to deal with a huge volume of data, build up an efficient development platform, version control and how to cope with different programming language. It was a valuable experience to me and I would keep on learning from my colleagues in my extended part-time intern period.

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Mr Wong Ho Laam

Data Scientist, A.S. Watson Group

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science and Business Intelligence, HSUHK

The BSC-DSBI programme offers a range of courses tailored to meet the specific academic and professional goals of each student. Not only does the Programme offer courses involving hot topics in data science such as Machine Learning, Data Mining, Deep Learning, it also offers a wide range of courses which provide foundations for students to apply knowledge in a complex business environment. Last but not least, the BSC-DSBI Programme constantly gives students opportunities to attend seminars about updated industry information and encourages students to join internship programmes and competitions to increase exposure and competitiveness.

WONG Ho Laam

SAS Joint Certificate Award 2018

2017.10.24 - 3

The 8th Classified Post Career Forum – “Young Marketer of Tomorrow” Competition Finale

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