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Alumni Sharing - Li Ho Ting, Kelvin (square)

Mr Li Ho Ting, Kelvin

Business Analyst, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science and Business Intelligence, HSUHK

Among the first cohort of Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science and Business Intelligence (BSC-DSBI) programme graduates, Mr Li Ho Ting, Kelvin thinks that the programme is relatively innovative when it integrates the studies of two key subjects. Kelvin has been fond of mathematics since childhood, “Mathematics is always my favourite. I had participated in Mathematical Olympiad, a way to test my ability in this subject.” Did the programme meet his expectations? “Yes but some modules were quite challenging to me. Probability was one of them.” How did he manage to overcome difficulties? He recalled, “Thanks to HSUHK’s small class teaching, we could seek our teachers’ help easily when needed. Study platforms such as peer tutor programme and mentorship programme also helped as we could discuss and found answers to questions. Our teachers are very supportive and could always give valuable advice.”

Apart from academic enhancement, Kelvin also learned transferable and useful skills during his study at HSUHK. “Through the programme, we could enhance our creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills which are equally important at the workplace, say, when presenting proposals and reports.” Kelvin appreciates the University’s cross-disciplinary common cores, “For example, the life and death module was very enlightening. It broadened my perspective on life and introduced to me some philosophical theories.”

To enjoy his campus life to the fullest, Kelvin joined the Band Society as a committee member. He had learned classical music before. However, band sound was relatively new to him. Kelvin added, “It’s an effective way to relieve pressure and meet new friends. I think that finding a new hobby is good for mental health and enables further self-development. Through a show held by the Band Society, I gained much useful experience in organising an event from scratch and learned how to sharpen my communication skills.”

Though a new joiner in the job market, he found his previous internships at a bank and the Census and Statistics Department highly valuable, enabling him to adapt to the work environment more easily and acquire the necessary people skills and analytical ability. “Some say that a university is like a miniature society where one has to expose oneself to different situations. I found the actual society much more challenging and interesting. More adaptations and adjustments need to be made from time to time.” Understanding that he is still green at work, Kelvin prepares to have continuous learning. Last, he encouraged fellow students at HSUHK to pursue their interests during their campus life, a period in which they can enjoy more freedom.

Alumni Sharing

Great to be among the first cohort of BSC-DSBI programme graduates

Alumni sharing DSBI - Li Ho Ting

Rejoicing at receiving an award in a competition with teammates

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