Year-3 Entry

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Completed an Associate Degree or Higher Diploma in a related discipline from a recognised institution in Hong Kong or overseas;
  • A minimum cumulative GPA (cGPA) of 2.5 or equivalent.

Admission Assessment

  • Interview will be arranged.
  • Written test will be conducted on a case-by-case basis.

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer may be granted for modules completed successfully at other accredited tertiary institutions. Associate Degree and Higher Diploma graduates will be granted a block credit transfer of at most 50% of the total credit units of BSc-AIN programme. The transferred credit units will be counted towards the graduation requirements but will be excluded from the calculation of the student’s cumulative GPA (cGPA).

Application Procedures

You can submit your application through HSUHK Undergraduate Application System.

Application Period

  • Now til 31 August 2023 (Local Student)
  • Now til 11 June 2023 (Non-local Student)

Tuition Fees and Financial Assistance

Starting from the 2023/24 academic year, year-3 entry local students are eligible for SSSDP subsidy. For details, please refer to Registry website.