Mentorship Programme


The mentorship program aims to expose students to role models in the industry so as to enhance their personal growth through interaction with mentors. It provides a platform for students to build network and develop skills important to the transition to the industry.


The intended outcome of the mentorship program is to:

  • enhance students’ communication skills
  • improve students’ interpersonal skills
  • help students develop their career plans
  • enhance students’ personal and professional development
  • get students socially engaged


  • 2018.12 AIN Mentorship - 1
  • 2018.12 AIN Mentorship - 2
  • 2018.12 AIN Mentorship - 3

Mentors from the public sector and the software industry shared experience and exchanged ideas with students on 1 March 2018. Students had learnt more about the local statutory organization and also the latest development in business analytics.


  • 2019.02 AIN Mentorship – 2
  • 2019.02 AIN Mentorship – 1
  • 2019.02 AIN Mentorship – 3

The Mentorship starting event has been held on 28 Feb 2019. Four mentors coming from various disciplines of the insurance industry delivered an enjoyable lesson to our students.


  • 2021.05.15 - 1
  • 2021.05.15 - 2

Several students of the Executive Master of Science in Insurance Programme served as mentors and shared their experience in the insurance industry with BSC-AIN students in the mentorship programme kick-off event on 15 May 2021. Mentors will keep in contact with the mentees throughout the year to provide professional guidance to the mentees.