Internship Opportunities

List of company / institution offering internship:

  • AIA International Limited
  • Aon Services Hong Kong Limited
  • Asia Insurance Company Limited
  • AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited
  • BE Reinsurance Limited, Hong Kong
  • BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited
  • China Pacific Insurance Company (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Chiyu Banking Corporation
  • Chubb Life Insurance Company Limited
  • FTLife Insurance Company Limited
  • FWD Group Management Holdings Ltd (Group Office)
  • FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited
  • Hang Seng Bank
  • Insurance Authority
  • Jardine Lloyd Thompson Asia Private Limited
  • Manulife (International) Limited
  • Prudential Hong Kong Limited
  • Sun Life Hong Kong Limited
  • Taiping Reinsurance Company Limited
  • The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
  • Zurich Insurance Company Limited

Students’ Sharing

I had internship with Aon since year 1 which gave me a precious chance to learn and practice. I feel that quality internship is essential to develop key skills that you can’t get in a classroom such as multitasking. I learned knowledge of how Insurance industry actually works. Besides, I assisted in insurance quotation and handled customer service. This experience really inspired me and broadened my horizon.

Working as a summer intern at the Insurance Authority in year 2018 is definitely a profound experience of mine. It has established my fundamental understanding from the perspective of a regulator of how the insurance industry of Hong Kong looks and how it actually runs. Consolidating insurance datum, attending briefings to officials and students and taking part in few ad-hoc projects, not just following on paper or by notes as if you are in the university most of the time, have practically enriched my insights and they are valuable memories to me.

Chiyu_Tommy LIU Sen

During the summer break, I am glad that I got the opportunity to work and learn as an intern at Tai Wo Chiyu Bank. Even though I am not a banking student but luckily there were many colleagues there to support me. After three months working in the bank, I not only became familiar with the internal functions of a bank but also acquired skills that enabled me to cooperate with my colleagues and serve clients. Moreover, I realise the importance of taking responsibility in the workplace, which inspires me and helps me to be a responsible person. In a word, this internship experience made me explore more about myself and my career path. What I gained from this internship is more than what I had expected.

My first actuarial internship was at Zurich Services Hong Kong Limited, a Switzerland-based global insurer, during the first half year of 2020. Unlike my previous experience at the Insurance Authority (IA), Zurich was a microscopic world as I worked in a sub team of reporting under Finance Life Actuarial department that cultivated my knowledge on reporting standard, both locally to the Insurance Authority and internationally (IFRS). I was grateful and satisfied that I had an opportunity to get a touch on the actual doings of a reporting actuarial team such as running prophet data conversion system, grouping policies in a model point, consolidating datum of reinsurance accounts and participating in some ad-hoc tasks like setting up extra reserve for COVID-19 and revamping prophet codes to cater a new product of a new subsidiary of Zurich.

What I have learnt from this internship is how to use Prophet, such as model running and spreadsheet checking to see if there is any error inside. I have also used the skills learnt from school such as Excel formulae, VBA and some actuarial skills in Excel. I think these skills are important to be an actuary. My supervisor gave me a lot of tasks which were quite difficult for me. Although I had spent much time to read and understand, I could handle them eventually. There are three important things to be an intern: be patient, be careful and ask supervisor for help if facing any problem.

In this internship, I worked in FTLife as an actuarial intern. I was assigned to work in the Model team and my duties included conducting UAT, adjusting model structures in Prophet, and automating tasks by writing macros. This experience gave me a chance to be exposed to the actual business environment and run actuarial software. I have significantly strengthened my technical skills by working there. Therefore, I highly recommend my fellow students to join the internship program in FTLife.

Being an actuarial intern in FTLife has gained deeper insights into the insurance industry and it has helped me significantly with my career planning. I was assigned to the solvency team, and doing equities movement reports every day. I realized that I should not be afraid to ask questions. If you ask, you will learn more and improve yourself.

In the internship scheme, I have gained experience by working in the Asset and Liability Management team. My job responsibility is to do breakdown of products with their asset share and finish proofreading work. This is a valuable opportunity for me because not only I become more familiar with making use of excel formulas, but also I can know more about how the department operates, the useful ways and ideas to finish tasks, the information related to the industry as well as the future career path through communicating with my colleagues.

The time I spent in the Insurance Authority was a great opportunity for me to widen my eyesight about the insurance industry. I was able to know more about the industry from a regulator’s prospective, which was a very precious experience. This experience has deepened my understanding towards the Insurance industry, and helped me throughout the remaining school years.

Wong Sae Yan

It is a great pleasure for me to go through a Wealth Management Talent Program (Internship) in Chiyu Bank Corporate Limited in 2021 Summer. I have learned much about how a bank branch works and information about wealth management. My main responsibilities during the internship were to provide customer service, handle customers’ inquiry, keep abreast of the banking knowledge, meet the compliance requirement, identify business opportunities and cross-sell bank products in order to achieve business targets etc. This internship program has benefited me a lot because it gives me the opportunity to understand the structure of the finance and banking industry. In addition, I have learned more about the insurance business that involves in the bank.

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