Career Prospects

There are various functional areas in insurance business which are essential, but not generally known. Graduates have a wide range of career options such as:

Underwriter Reviews the applications from potential customers and decides whether an insurance policy or a loan can be issued to the customers.
Claims Officer Handles customers’ claims and calculates reimbursement to customers according to issued insurance policy.
Insurance Administrator Processes insurance policy administration and provides administrative support to different departments.
Risk Analyst Analyses the risks involved in business decisions, e.g. market risk, credit risk, operational risk and regulatory risk, and recommends risk mitigation strategies.
Actuary Manages the risk of insurance products. This includes the design and pricing of new insurance products, as well as review of existing insurance products.
Product Manager Monitors and manages insurance products, develops new products as well as facilitates communications among internal and external business partners.

Job Database

Students may apply graduate jobs through the following websites to find job vacancies:

Insurance Authority

The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers


Jobs Portal (HSUHK)

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