BSC-AIN Mentorship Programme cum EMSC-INS Experience Sharing

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Actuarial Studies and Insurance (BSC-AIN) Mentorship Programme cum Executive Master of Science in Insurance (EMSC-INS) Experience Sharing event, co-organized by the BSC-AIN team and the EMSC-INS team, was successfully held on 15 May 2021. Several students of the EMSC-INS Programme served as mentors and shared their experience in the insurance industry with the participants of BSC-AIN Mentorship Programme. The event was a kick-off of the year-long mentorship programme. Mentors will keep in contact with the mentees throughout the year to provide professional guidance to the mentees.

2021.05.15 - 2

Programme Director of BSC-AIN welcomed the participants

2021.05.15 - 1

Programme Director of EMSC-INS gave a briefing to participants

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