Research Seminar of Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics held its research seminar on 30 August 2019. We are delighted to invite staff of MST Department to deliver talks in their research areas. The list of speakers and topics is as below:

Optimal Execution with Regime-switching Market Resilience
Does the Marriage of Finance and Technology Disrupt Financial Stability? Empirical Evidence from the Introduction of FinTech Regulatory Sandboxes
(Dr Derrick FUNG)
Bayesian Analysis for the System Lifetimes under Frank Copulas of Weibull Component Lifetimes
(Ms Elaine MO)
The Super-Resolution Reconstruction Using Haar Wavelet Estimation
(Dr Jacky LEUNG)
Effective Use of Low Resolution Images for Super-Resolution Reconstruction
(Dr Jacky LEUNG)
New Approaches on the Classical Ruin Model
(Dr Kevin YUEN, Ms Michelle WU)
Poisson Item Count Technique with Non-compliance
(Prof ML TANG)
Profile Likelihood Method for Analyzing Longitudinal Data
(Prof ML TANG)
Real Estate Market Analysis with Time-frequency Decomposition
(Dr SK CHOY, Mr Stanley ZEL)
Fuzzy Model-based Unsupervised Image Segmentation
Optimization Algorithms for Data Analysis
(Dr Carisa YU)
Lower-Order Regularization Method for Group Sparse Optimization with Applications
(Dr Carisa YU)
2019.08.30 - 1
2019.08.30 - 2

Staff delivered talks in their research areas

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