Workshop Series in Applied Statistics – Statistical Education

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics held the third day of the Workshop Series in Applied Statistics on 19 March 2015. The theme of the day was “Statistical Education”. The Department invited Dr Robert Gould, Lecturer SOE and Undergraduate Vice Chair, University of California, Los Angeles and Professor Roxy Peck, Professor Emerita,California Polytechnic State University, to be the guest speakers of the event.They demonstrated how to teach and learn statistics and data science effectively by hosting different kinds of activities, including the Data Fest competition and some interesting in-class activities. The participants enjoyed the demonstrations and learned how to enhance teaching and learning statistics and data science.

The Workshop Series in Applied Statistics is fully supported by Research Grant Council of Hong Kong Special Administration Region, China (Project Reference No: UGC/IIDS14/P01/14).

2015.03.19 - 1
2015.03.19 - 2

Dr Gould’s presentation

2015.03.19 - 4
2015.03.19 - 5

Professor Peck’s presentation

2015.03.19 - 3
2015.03.19 - 6

Dr Gould and Professor Peck received a souvenir from the organiser

2015.03.19 - 7

A group photo of the participants and the speakers

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