Workshop Series in Applied Statistics – Statistical Methods in Medical Science

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics held the 2nd day of the Workshop Series in Applied Statistics on 22 January 2015. The theme of the day was “Statistical Methods in Medical Science”. The Department invited Dr Richard Bilonick,Assistant Professor of University of Pittsburgh, and Dr Xiaodan Fan, Associate Professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, to be the guest speakers ofthe event. Our colleague, Dr Marco Yu, also gave a presentation in the workshop.The participants were amazed by how useful statistical models are in the field of medical science.

The Workshop Series in Applied Statistics is fully supported by Research Grant Council of Hong Kong Special Administration Region, China (Project Reference No: UGC/IIDS14/P01/14).

2015.01.22 - 1

Speakers of the day, Dr Fan (left), Dr Bilonick (middle) and Dr Yu (right), met before the start the of Workshop

2015.01.22 - 2
2015.01.22 - 5
2015.01.22 - 6

Dr Bilonick, Dr Yu, and Dr Fan presentation

2015.01.22 - 3
2015.01.22 - 7

Dr Bilonick and Dr Fan received a souvenir from the organiser

2015.01.22 - 4

A group photo of the participants and the speakers

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