Workshop Series in Applied Statistics – Applied Statistics in Image Processing

The Department of Mathematicsand Statistics held the first day of the Workshop Series in Applied Statisticson 20 November 2014. The theme of the day was “Applied Statistics in ImageProcessing”. The Department invited Dr Jeff Tang, Assistant Professor inCaritas Institute of Higher Education, to be the guest speaker of the event.Our colleagues, Dr Siu-Kai Choy and Dr Benson Lam, also gave presentations inthe workshop. Students were fascinated to learn how statistics can be appliedto different business industries.

The Workshop Series inApplied Statistics is fully supported by Research Grant Council of Hong KongSpecial Administration Region, China (Project Reference No: UGC/IIDS14/P01/14).

2014.11.20 - 2
2014.11.20 - 1
2014.11.20 - 3

Dr Jeff Tang , Dr S K Choy and Dr Benson Lam shared about their recent research in image processing

2014.11.20 - 4

Dr Jeff Tang received a souvenir from the organisers

2014.11.20 - 5

A group photo of the participants and the speakers

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